Wonder Bus Tours, LLC an amphibious bus tourist company established in September 2002 by three local partners. Wonder Bus is a member of “Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders. 

Wonder has been awarded for ?Best Tourism Business? by H. H. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. ( 2005 ) and Top World Award as one of the Ten Best Adventures (2006). Wonder Bus is a first an amphibious bus launched in the Middle East . 

Wonder Bus is very unique of it’s kind and is the only bus in the world equipped with all the facilities like full Internal Decoration, Air-condition, Internal Bathroom, Sound System, TV and DVD Player , Full Safety. 

Total seating capacity of our buses are 38. Wonder bus is a fun filled exciting tour that will take you around the beautiful City sights and dreamy scenes of the past as well as the modern present Dubai. Sitting from the vantage point of your Wonder Bus seat, you get to see the scenes on land as well as on Water. As Wonder Bus cruises into the Dubai creek. Beautiful architecture unfold before your very eyes on both shores of the Dubai creek

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