The diverse food of Thailand reveals a great deal about the country, it is a palimpsest of its political history, its trade, and its geography. 

Thailand sits between the cultural and political powers of India and China, and its food is clearly influenced by both. Yet Thailand’s food, like her people, has maintained its own distinct identity. 

The Royal Budha echoes the sentiment of this country and these hallmarks of Thailand are worth searching out in The Royal Budha’s extensive menu; assertive heat; deep muskiness; depth of spice; shots of citrus; silken textures, and a blend of flavors that evoke life in one of the world’s most gastronomically sophisticated countries. You will discover, that the food at The Royal Budha rings all these bells. 

We are sure you will find that the freshness and subtlety of extensive menu is aptly resonated in the beautiful surroundings of this highly couriered fine dining restaurant in its high spec designs. 

However you will only be lured time after time with our speciality chefs Sak Phon’s creations of authentic dishes We hope by the end of your experience at The Royal Budha, you will have been treated as Royalty as the name our restaurant implies.

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