The Dubai perfume souk is located on the Sikkat Al Khail Street on Deira side of Dubai. Most people perceive that perfumes are light and flowery. Such perfumes are Western creations and they leave subtle overtones about a person.

You will not just find traditional Arabian ittar, but also branded and designer perfumes from around the world. The perfume jars filled with a multitude of fragrances look extremely attractive and inviting. At the perfume souk, you will find thousands of scents. You can take your pick depending on your taste or well, on your ?olfactory senses?. If you think that none of the fragrances suit you, then you can ask the shop owner to create an all new scent that will suit you beautifully. The custom made aromas are mixed taking into to account your skin as well as personality type. This was once considered a luxury and now you can proudly walk out of the store with a signature scent. This is an entirely new experience by far; not the same as buying perfumes in shopping malls.

The perfumes are well priced and you can buy several bottles if you know how to haggle. Frankincense is the most popular incense and is available in every store at the Dubai perfume souk. Breathe in the aromatic creations and imbibe within their cultural significances. It?s not just a perfume; it?s your personality that is wafting like an aura.

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